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At The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut, we provide extensive training and hands-on-experience on the journey to independence using assistive technology.

The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut is a statewide program designed in collaboration with Connecticut’s leading disability agencies for the purpose of training staff in the use and application of technology to reduce barriers and increase the independence of individuals with intellectual and developmental, physical, and cognitive disabilities. Through the use of innovative technological tools, reliance on costly human support and state funding can be greatly reduced.

The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut provides a showroom with current and breakthrough equipment, devices, and software on display. These items can be handled and taken out on loan to assess efficacy in real world situations.

The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut began in 2017 as an initiative of MidState Arc, an organization serving individuals with barriers to independent living for over 65 years, Futures Inc., an innovative agency that develops and implements customized service plans for individuals with disabilities and their families, and The New England Society of Innovation and Technology (NESIT), an on-site makerspace where skilled designers and craftspeople can create solutions to specific challenges when existing technological tools do not exist.

The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut exists to serve human service agencies in CT and beyond that support people with barriers to independence. We offer member agencies and other organizations delivering services to people facing barriers to independent living access to experts in the field of assistive technology. Periodic seminars and training programs are held to educate and train staff in the application and use of the latest software programs and devices for overcoming barriers and increasing independence.

Agencies interested in becoming a member of The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut should contact Pam Fields at pfields@midstatearc.org or phone 203.238.8362 or Amy Rubin Mindell at arubinmindell@midstatearc.org or 203.238.8365. The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut is located at 290 Pratt Street, 2nd floor, Meriden, CT 06450.

Meet The Team!

Our dedicated and caring assistive technology and independent living specialists are here to help. Contact us today to get started on your journey to independence.

Pamela Fields

Pamela Fields


Pam started out as a CETA worker at MidState Arc more than 40 years ago. She became the nonprofit’s top executive in 2002, and under her leadership the agency has grown from an annual budget of $3MM and 80 employees to over $11MM and 200 employees. Pam has an undergraduate degree in Human Services and a MBA with a concentration in non-profits. Pam has worked in all areas of service supports from day options to independent living. She works closely with the Arc’s dynamic Board of Directors to assure MidState Arc provides quality services for every person supported. She is active in advocating for rights of people with developmental disabilities and their services both in Hartford and in Washington. She has developed a partnership with other interested parties to create a Assistive Technology Training Center to assure providers have a place to gain knowledge and build capacity. Pam is currently leading the staff in transitioning from a service model to a support model and with an end goal of enabling each person to be as independent as possible and fully connected and autonomous with their communities


Amy Rubin Mindell

Amy Rubin Mindell

Director of Community Outreach & Assistive Technology

Amy brings over 30 years of experience as an Assistive Technology Specialist to her role at MidState Arc and The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut. As one of the original founders and directors of the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology at Southern Connecticut State University, Amy developed a program that still provides a full range of assistive technology services to students with disabilities, faculty, and educators across the state to ensure full access to higher educational settings. Following SCSU, Amy spent the next decade at CAST, Inc. developing innovative assistive technology solutions for students and adults with disabilities and helped create the Universal Design for Learning principles that support all learners. More recently, Amy led a team of assistive technology specialists at The NEAT Center at Oak Hill in their work to provide a full spectrum of assistive technology services and training to students and educators throughout Connecticut. Amy has presented at national assistive technology and educational technology conferences on innovative uses of assistive technology to support learners with a wide range of disabilities as they strive to have full access to education, employment, and independent living

(203) 238-8365

Marisol De Jesus

Marisol De Jesus

Assistive Technology Coordinator

Marisol joined MidState Arc in 2006 and started as a Direct Support Professional with a desire to care for, understand, and help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This desire to help came from a background of personal depths, as she has family members with similar needs. Marisol was given the opportunity to become a Support Coordinator, where she learned the ins and outs of advocating at a higher level for the people she supported in the Employment Programs. Over time, Marisol’s ability with technology was visible, which then lead to being a part of The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut, where she performs evaluations to reduce barriers and increase independence to those with disabilities; by introducing various types of technology to help with environmental controls in the home, in employment sites by using smartwatches, reading apps or assistive technology aids can also be utilized in the community. Marisol trains staff professionals, family members, and people served; seeing people flourish and obtain new skills through the freedom of technology continues to be a fulfilling passion.


(203) 238-8383


Our Members

Acord, Inc.
Arc of Eastern CT
Arc of Litchfield

Arc of Southington
Continuum of Care, Inc.

CW Resources
Futures, Inc.


MARC Community Resources, LTD

MARC of Manchester

MidState Arc, Inc.
Network, Inc.

Residential Management Services
Sarah Tuxis
Vantage Group
Waterbury Arc, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does my agency or organization become a member of The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut?

To join The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut as a member, please contact Pam Fields at pfields@midstatearc.org or Amy Rubin Mindell at arubinmindell@midstatearc.org to discuss our membership options. We look forward to having you join with us in helping to create enhanced independence for people with a wide range of disabilities. 

How do I schedule an Assistive Technology Assessment?

To schedule an assistive technology assessment, please contact Marisol De Jesus, Assistive Technology Coordinator at mdejesus@midtstaearc.org. Marisol will guide you through the intake and assessment process, and answer any of your questions.

How do Assistive Technology Assessments get funded?

Assistive Technology Assessments are funded in a variety of ways; through private pay, a state agency or a school system. When you call to schedule an assessment we can discuss your payment options based on your specific situation. 

How does one access The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut’s Lending Library?

The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut has a large array of assistive technology tools and devices in its lending library. Lending library access and participation is only available to our members. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of our members, the lending library operates much differently than other lending libraries, we strive to acquire new and cutting-edge technologies as requested by our member organizations and through our one-of-a-kind member research labs. Once a membership application is complete, members will receive access to the lending library, either through on-site visits to the center or online.