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Assistive Technology In Action

An Integrated Approach

Each ATECH assessment explores multiple dimensions of independence including:

Daily Living:

These include supports for self-feeding, dressing, grooming, bathing, medication compliance and other activities of daily living. Memory prompt apps, visual schedules, and auditory reminders can help keep people on track.


A wide range of electronic devices and online applications make for a richer, fuller life.  So does access to events in the community made possible by assistive technologies.

Hearing, Speech, Vision: 

An evolving collection of technologies are enhancing the ability of people with disabilities to connect and stay connected with others. After all, it’s social connection that brings meaning to everyone’s lives.


When navigating in the home or traveling to work, school, shopping or in the community, an integrated assessment will identify the blend of solutions that is right for each individual — from ramps and motorized mobility to food delivery and ride apps.

Safety & Security: 

Respecting privacy and alone-time when wanted, smart home monitoring solutions provide safety and security while providing caregiver respite and peace of mind.

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