Offering Professional Remote Support Services for Care Providers

You know the people in your care better than anyone. We give you the tools and technologies to help the people you care for maintain their highest level of independence.

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We meet your agency or family needs, providing a clear path from where you are today to where you want to be.

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We are a full service provider of remote support services for agencies and individual families. If your agency needs assistance with any level of remote support services, ATECH Remote Monitoring Services (ARMS) can be your solution.

Unlike many other services, we also supply provider agencies the secure technology, tools, and training needed to offer Remote Support Services within their own agency. We empower provider agencies to use our system, receive alerts, and respond to the needs of the people they support.

You know your clients, we help you support their independence.

What Are Remote Support Services?

Remote Support Services are meant to be used when someone can be supervised and assisted with technology within their home. Assistance is always available when needed.

Finding the right Tech

A Remote Support System is a customized network of sensors, cameras, communication devices, and other technologies. These assistive technologies are chosen for an individual through a professional assessment and approval process that includes all stakeholders – the individual, family members, care givers, agency staff, and related specialists.

Personalized Tech Solutions

The technologies are personalized to best meet the individual or group support needs while maintaining the greatest level of independence, autonomy, and privacy in their own home.

ARMS incorporates the latest technologies to provide a highly individualized service using a person-centered approach.

What Remote Support Services Can Do

Supporting Care Providers​ 24 /7


Position you as a leader in Assistive Technology

Reduce reliance on direct support professionals

Improve quality of life while reducing the cost of care

How is ARMS Different?

We provide comprehensive and quality remote support services for provider agencies and professionals to create empowering, independent living options for the people in their care.

The ARMS framework gives provider agencies a secure, easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, remote support system that is HIPAA compliant and non-intrusive. Our all-inclusive Remote Support Service offers a customized approach that centers on the person using the system.

ARMS empowers provider agencies to better support the people in their care while being sensitive to the need for increased independence. ARMS bridges the barriers often experienced when navigating the world of remote services options.

Service Options

We offer multiple remote support options: 

Option 1:
Provider agency receives direct system alerts and contacts their on-call care provider to respond in person to the individual’s needs.

Option 2:
Provider agency receives direct system alerts and their staff responds in person to the individual’s needs.

Option 3:
ARMS / ATECH receives direct system alerts and then contacts the provider agency to respond in person to the individual’s needs.

Option 4:
ARMS / ATECH receives direct system alerts and responds in person to individual’s needs.

In all cases, a secure digital dashboard provides the agency information on each individual connected to the ARMS system. These options offer flexible solutions for providers seeking to deliver higher levels of independence across their agencies.

Your Agency Is In Control

With the ARMS framework, your agency is in control of all aspects of the remote support service delivery. Your trained employees are the familiar remote caregivers in your monitoring/support center, offering a comfortable and personal form of remote support service. 

Our Process

Tailored To Your Specific Needs

We begin with a collaborative meeting to identify your organization’s needs and existing assets. We work with you to assess the best tools and training necessary to craft the right solutions for your agency or family based on what you need.

The ARMS team works with provider agencies to assess the needs of individuals receiving care to identify their barriers to independence and to find the best tools needed to address those barriers.

Setup & Installation
An ARMS representative will make an on-site appointment to set-up the assistive technology installation within the home. Additional on-site training will be provided for your support team, ensuring your caregiving team has the skills needed to implement high quality remote support services.

Ongoing Training & Support
Our skilled ARMS trainers will provide in-person/virtual training sessions. We continue to support your team and your remote caregivers in all aspects of remote service on every step of the path to indpendence.

Training Session
Modules Include:

  • Client training on assistive technology use
  • In-person and online training on interfacing with the ARMS software applications and additional customized AT devices
  • Management and administrative use of the data to manage quality service provision and ensure client health, safety, and success

Ongoing Support

ARMS staff are available to support your team’s success. Once your new remote services are live, the ARMS team will continue to provide you with news, resources, and updated training. Custom support is always available when needed.

For more information on ARMS Remote Support Services, please contact us!