ATECH Academy

Comprehensive Course

Hone Your Professional Skill Set To Deliver Effective Assistive Technology Services

Spring Courses

2/24/22 3-4pm | Webinar 1

3/10/22 3-4pm | Webinar 2

3/14/22 |Online Modules #1 Live
• Welcome
• Built in A11Y
• Literacy

3/24/22 3-4pm | Coaching Session 1 

3/28/22 | Online Modules #2 Live
• Exec. Function
• Future Trends

Coaching Session 2 | 4/7/22 3-4pm

Webinar 3 | 4/14/22 3-4pm

Application Project Due | 4/25/22

ATECH, together with our parent organization, Midstate ARC, a 501(c)(3) organization, use funds we raise from paid courses to support our mission by providing revenue to sustain our operations and expand our reach. For a detailed accounting of our financials, you may access the public posting of Midstate ARC‘s IRS form 990 here.

Course fees:

$200 for members,

$375 for nonmembers.

Fees include all course materials and access to private website and networking group.

The course also includes open opportunities to email and work personally with instructor Mike Marotta.