Physical & Brain Injury Disabilities

People with physical disabilities or brain injury are achieving greater levels of independence through the power of smart assistive technology solutions. These solutions are creating new realities at home, work and in the community.

At ATECH, we believe that every person with barrier issues, regardless if these are from a disability they were born with or one acquired due to illness or accident,deserves the opportunity to decide how to live, work, and take part in their communities.

ATECH helps veterans, individuals and families implement solutions that balance independence and fulfillment with safety and security, offering individuals, family, and friends peace of mind and support through the process..

New Possibilities for People with Physical Disabilities and Brain Injury

“Smart home” technologies are taking assistive technology to new levels. At the same time, these smart home technologies provide the information that caregivers and loved ones need to remotely support and provide safety and security. The exact scaffolds and supports each person needs can then be formulated, without providing too much or too little direct caregiving.


Each individual is unique. Discovering the right solution that fits the needs of each person with a physical disability or brain injury starts with a clear understanding of the individual life goals and barriers.

Starting With a Comprehensive Assessment

An AT assessment starts with an understanding of the needs, wants and desires of an individual with physical disabilities. The smart technology solution is then created. Training during the transition to independence builds confidence, competence, and comfort. The right supports, monitoring, and alert systems offer safe, healthier independent living.

Meeting Unique Needs

Our staff of assistive technology and independent living specialists have extensive experience evaluating the needs of persons with physical disabilities and/or acquired brain injuries. Cutting-edge assistive technologies create new opportunities for improving the lives of people with congenital or acquired disabilities. And just as assistive technologies change and develop, the changing capabilities of each individual also drives how assistive technologies are used to meet these shifting needs for the best short and long term solutions.

Staying in Your Home

Helping people who want to remain in their current home or move into a new independent living situation, even if new challenges arise presenting obstacles.

Increasing Independence

Solutions for people experiencing barriers due to long term or newly diagnosed disabilities, lessening their dependence on family and health care service providers.

Living in the Community

Working with individuals, families, caregivers and support agencies to provide increased access to one’s home or independent living center in the community.

ATECH is dedicated to helping people access their home, work and community environments while focusing on the needs of each unique individual. We start with a careful assessment of the environment, needs, and interests, finding the best match between technology and humanity. Then, we provide the training and transitional support needed to gain and maintain independence. When and where needed, the ATECH team provides the appropriate level of monitoring for security and safety.

Collaborative Approach 

Collaborating with
Agencies & Providers

ATECH Works directly with service providers to deliver integrated assistive technology services.

Through ATECH membership, service providers receive ongoing training through live and online courses. Members receive updates on the the best practices in the use of the latest technologies and emerging AT solutions.

Working with
Family Members

ATECH Works directly with individuals and family members to devise the best solutions to support independent living.

We help bring an entire team together – individuals, family members, and care professionals, promoting independence with safety, security, dignity and privacy.

Collaborating with
Agencies & Providers

ATECH works with member agencies serving individuals with disabilities to deliver integrated AT services.

Agency members receive ongoing training, live and online courses. They also receive updates on the best practices in the use of technologies and emerging of AT solutions.

Working with
Family Members

ATECH works directly with family members charged with caring for individuals with disabilities to support independent living.

We help bring an entire team together – family members, care professionals and individuals living with disabilities, promoting independence with safety, security and privacy.