Using the Power of Assistive Technology to

Help Veterans
With Disabilities

Live Safely, Securely & Independently

Smart-home assistive technologies are enabling veterans with disabilty to stay safe, secure and independent.

ATECH supports veterans and their loved ones in using these technologies in ways that are best suited to you and them.

Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Assessments that determine the right technology for each unique situation
  • Support Lending Library to allow you to try out technology before purchasing
  • Peace-of-Mind through remote, real-time monitoring and alerts to the caregivers

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Thousands of US veterans and active duty servicemen and women have been injured, and for these individuals, coming home has meant adapting to physical and emotional changes while coming to terms with a new way of living. Now, with assistive technology, these individuals are improving their quality of life both in the home and in the community.

Journey to Independence

“Smart home” technologies are taking assistive technology to new levels. At the same time, these smart home technologies provide the information that loved ones and caregivers may need to remotely support and provide safety and security. The exact scaffolds and supports each person needs can be formulated to maximize independence, without providing too much or too little direct caregiving.

Starting With a Comprehensive Assessment

An assistive technology assessment starts with an understanding of the needs, wants and desires of veterans.  The smart technology solution is then created. Training during the transition to independence builds confidence, competence, and comfort. The right supports, monitoring, and alert systems offer safe, healthier independent living.

We believe that every veteran with a physical or emotional disability, regardless of the type, complexity or severity, deserves the opportunity to decide how to live, work, and take part in their communities.