We believe that every person with disabilities, regardless of the type or severity, deserves the opportunity to decide how to live, work, and take part in their communities.

The Assistive Technology Training Center of Connecticut is dedicated to helping people facing obstacles to independent living.

We focus on the needs of each unique individual. We start with a careful assessment of the needs, interests and desires. Then, we provide the training needed as well as the transitional support from learned dependence to increased independence.

When and where needed, the Center’s team provides an appropriate level of monitoring for security and safety.


Our assessment can address:

  • Gross Motor Development: Coordination, balance, motor planning, increased physical confidence and safety awareness
  • Fine Motor Development: Hand skills, dexterity, bilateral hand use, and eye-hand coordination
  • Sensory Processing: Integrated responses to information perceived through touch, sound, and other senses
  • Social Skills: Engaging with people and the environment; organization, flexibility and self-regulation
  • Daily Living Skills: Self-help skills for every day tasks, appropriate social and communications behaviors

Training and Transition

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Use of assistive technology in natural environments is essential for success.  

Consultation to schools, daycare centers, families, and agencies

Workshops and presentations for educators, parents, and healthcare professionals

OT peer mentoring

OTC services are available to families, schools, and other agencies, and may be covered by health insurance plans, school districts, or private payment. When working with schools and districts, treatment plans are developed in close collaboration with school teams.


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