Navigating the Journey to Independence

Assistive Technology In Action

Assessments: A Collaborative Effort

Today, there are thousands of products, devices and apps available to support the journey to independence.  Selecting the right combination makes for a successful solution for independent living. This starts with an assessment.

Through ATECH or one of its member organizations, assessments are undertaken as collaborations.  Our assessments always center on the aspirations and hopes of the individuals facing barriers to independence. After all, these are the people who will be using the assistive technology.  Experience has shown us that even the very best solutions will be abandoned if the assistive technology solutions do not advance aspirations and hopes for independence.  

Then, we draw in the networks of support including family members and other caregivers. Staff members from the organizations that provide direct services are also involved. These include the organizations providing day services, group or assistive living, and other supports. Other health professionals and therapists may also participate. 


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An Integrated Approach

Each ATECH assessment explores multiple dimensions of independence including:

Daily Living:

These include supports for self-feeding, dressing, grooming, bathing, medication compliance and other activities of daily living. Memory prompt apps, visual schedules, and auditory reminders can help keep people on track.


A wide range of electronic devices and online applications make for a richer, fuller life.  So does access to events in the community made possible by assistive technologies.

Hearing, Speech, Vision: 

An evolving collection of technologies are enhancing the ability of people with disabilities to connect and stay connected with others. After all, it’s social connection that brings meaning to everyone’s lives.


When navigating in the home or traveling to work, school, shopping or in the community, an integrated assessment will identify the blend of solutions that is right for each individual — from ramps and motorized mobility to food delivery and ride apps.

Safety & Security: 

Respecting privacy and alone-time when wanted, smart home monitoring solutions provide safety and security while providing caregiver respite and peace of mind.

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Training and Transition

Assistive technology is about changing the way people live, play and work. Change can be hard, so supports need to be put into place. Two core elements of support are Training and Transition. 


That allows people with disabilities and their caregivers to learn how to use the assistive technology in their natural surroundings.

Transition Support

May also be required as it can take time to successfully incorporate the assistive technology solutions in daily life.

ATECH works with each person and their network of support to provide the training and transition needed for the journey to independence.  ATECH also provides the remote monitoring services  that notifies caregivers and family members as people with disabilities attain greater independence. And ATECH is here to help each individual to continue the journey, overcoming barriers to independence one step at time..   

Assistive Technology Lending Library

Success with assistive technology for each unique individual demands that the technology is tested in the natural living environment. The Assistive Technology Library lends a wide variety of devices to determine which works best to help individuals overcome their obstacles to greater independence.