Let ATECH Help You Prepare for the Future

During the COVID-19 pandemic, smart-home assistive technology is proving its power to maximize residence safety and security in both group home and home care situations. These technologies are allowing us all to preserve levels of care and address isolation during a crisis.

Right now,  ATECH is helping our member agencies and others install and activate smart-home assistive technologies in their residences. 

We’ve developed a streamlined process that makes installation and activation easy. In some cases, the costs are covered by the State. ATECH is able to support you in this process at this time through remote meetings and remote installation consultations.  

The steps taken today will be an investment that continues to pay back after the pandemic is over. The smart-home assistive technologies you install today will serve as a platform for delivering better supports at lower costs. They also offer people with disabilities opportunities to live more independently. 


Pam Fields, CEO & Amy Rubin Mindell, Director of Community Outreach and Assistive Technology

P.S. In case you missed our webinar on Group Homes, Independent Living & Smart Assistive Technology, you can click here to watch the webinar recording.

Give us a call today at (203) 238-8365 or email us at  info@assistivetechtraining.org to get started.